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  • Jared Wesner

    Jared Wesner

  • Saad Mahmud

    Saad Mahmud

    ABM Sayeed Mahmud Saad is a content writer as well as a programmer. His destiny is to meet himself in much better form in the future.

  • Nancy Early

    Nancy Early

  • Good Advice Publishing

    Good Advice Publishing

    What do you want to know more about today? Follow our latest at https://medium.com/good-advice-publishing

  • Jeff Fedder

    Jeff Fedder

  • Jay Goldman

    Jay Goldman

    Technologist, designer, speaker, O'Reilly, HBR, NYT bestseller The Decoded Company co-author. Co-Founder at Sensei Labs. My opinions are my own.

  • J.J. Shannon

    J.J. Shannon

    I’m a writer from NYC. I love short stories and flash fiction.

  • Regular Web Guy

    Regular Web Guy

    Web Developer I make website and app and get business off the ground project offers email contact@regularwebguy.com

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